Location Name




Necropolis of Sacrifies


Cloud Mountain Fortress


Floran Fortress


Ivory Tower

Elven Forest

Shadow of the Mother Tree

Devils Pass

Elven Fortress

Altar of Rites

Bandit Stronghold

Monster Race Track

Fortress of Resistance

Western Fortress

Floran Village

Execution Grounds

Orc Barracks

Ruins of Despair

Abandoned Camp

School of Dark Arts

Ruins of Agony

Oracle of the Dawn

Langk Lizardmen Dwellings

Oracle of the Dusk

Hot Springs

Mithril Mines

Forgotten Temple

Gludin Harbor

Gludin Arena

Tanor Canyon

Giran Arena

Giran Harbor

Abandoned Coal Mines

Rainbow Springs Chateau

Demon Fortress


The Cemetery

Anghel Waterfall

Devastated Castle

The Forest of Mirrors

The Forbidden Gateway

Cursed Village

Fortress of the Dead

Beast Farm

Beast Reserve

Primeval Isle

Forest of the Dead

Gludio Castle

Archaic Laboratory


Hunters Fortress

Town of Dion

Rune Township

Strip Mine

Talking Island Harbor

Ice Merchant Cabin

Frozen Waterfalls

Plunderous Plains

Crypts of Disgrace

Carons Dungeon

Gludin Village

Hunters Village

Town of Goddard

Town of Schuttgart

Elven Ruins

Field of Whispers

Garden of Eva

Obelisk of Victory

Antharas Fortress

Field of Silence

Cedrics Training Hall

Alligator Island

Swamp of Screams

Valley of Saints

Stakato Nest

Rune Harbor

Cave of Trials

Einhovants School of Magic

Aden Castle

Narsell Fortress

Goddard Castle


Schuttgart Castle


Shanty Fortress

Border Outpost

Dragonspine Fortress

Borderland Fortress

Southern Fortress

Swamp Fortress

Valley Fortress

Monastic Fortress

Olympiad Stadium

White Sands Fortress

Tanor Fortress

Archaic Fortress

Town of Giran

Dwarven Village

Dark Elven Village

Orc Village

Elven Village

Town of Oren

Town of Aden

Talking Island Village

Catacombs of the Witch

Disciples Necropolis

Piligrim Necropolis

Catacombs of the Branded

Necropolis of Worship

Catacomb of the Heretics

Necropolis of Martyrdom

The Saints Necropolis

Catacomb of the Apostate

Catacomp of the Forbidden Path

Catacomb of the Dark Omens

The Patriots Necropolis

Necropolis of Devotion

Innadril Castle

Giran Castle

Dion Castle

Oren Castle

Rune Castle

Aaru Fortress

Hive Fortress

Bayou Fortress

Ivory Fortress

Monastery of Silence

Antharass Lair

Forge of the Gods

Ketra Orc Outpost

Varka Silenos Outpost

Wall of Argos

The Giants Cave

Queen Ant

Windtail Waterfall


Town of Gludio

Swampland Waterfall

Artisans Guild

The Shilien Temple

Paagrio Temple

Lords banner

Dragon Valley

House of Reorin